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What I think About Stuff-Prometheus

Prometheus Or My Answer toward the movie's questions

DISCLAIMER: This is a spoiler-heavy article of the movie Prometheus. Please refrain from reading it if you don't want to have the entire movie ruined for you. Also, the opinions presented here are those of the author. They have not been confirmed officially in any way, but I hope they do.

I absolutely loved the movie Prometheus. Granted, it did have its flaws but in my opinion, the torrent of negative reviews is mostly attributed to the sickeningly great hype the movie received before its releases, which I considered to be one of the greatest follies of the production studio.

I loved the cinemetography, I loved the effects and I loved how the creative team had the BALLS to try and tackle the huge question regarding the origin of our species. Did it succeed at that? No, because apparently they wanted to milk sequels out of it.

Did it make me want to see those sequels more than any other thing I've ever wished for, ever?

                          Even more than a Scud game directed by the creators of Bayonetta?

YES. And that's no small thing for me to say, no sir!

Moving on, here are my theories on Prometheus and many of the answers I hope will be provided in the sequel:

  • The Heretic:

 In the opening scene of the movie, we see this Engineer ritualistically killing himself by consuming the Black Stuff of Doom, causing his DNA to unravel, thus setting in motion the great chain of events that will eventually create the human race. We also see him standing alone, while his brethren leave him behind.

Or did they?

From what we see, the Engineer ship in the beginning looks completely different to the one later in the movie, which means that the Engineers advanced in technology during the millenia since they left Earth. It's entirely possible that they didn't have the ability to make a rturn trip to Earth after they had left it and realized that one of them (heretofore referred as the Heretic) was missing.

The Heretic obviously chose to sacrifice his life in order to create life on Earth in his kind's image and likeness IN DIRECT DEFIANCE OF THE TENETS OF THE ENGINEER'S faith. This was obviously a huge, blasphemous (in their minds) move and it was something that was obviously not approved of by their hierarchy.

What I'm trying to say is this: we are the blemish in their history, the anathema. The Heretic is our mad scientist/cultist original descendant. I support this theory based on...

  • The Jihad

Remember how, in the movie, when the crew confronted the surviving Engineer, it went apeshit and tried to kill them? How the great map of the Starways pointed to Earth and how the planet they had landed on was essentially a WMD plant, its arsenal aimed toward Earth?

Do you also recall how Earth's continetal shape was the same as the current one?

And also, do you recall how the facility was left unmanned for 2 thousand years after the little xenomorph mishap?

That's because the Engineers are a bunch of fascit, ethinc-cleansing, zealot bastards. Yeah, you heard me right. The Engineers wanted to kill us, only because our planet was the product of HERESY. Because our species was generated due to the machinations of one of their number, who killed himself in order to propagate a blasphemous, inferior (in their eyes) version of their species.

I can support this based on math: so let's say the Engineers visited Earth 30,000 years ago. At that time, their species did not obviously have the technology to support a trek to a backwater, removed planet like dear old Earth so they left it. Taking advantage of those great distances, the Heretic chose the planet to perform his little bout of blasphemy/experiment.

By the time the Engineers had developed the necessary technology to be able to retrace their steps acorss the cosmos, they also realized something else: 

The Heretic's works had produced results. The result of his blasphemy had not only flourished, but had also produced working civilizations, who were very much alike to them. It was at this point that the Engineer hierarchy, seeing this terrible occurence, decided to do the logical thing every dumb-ass religious leaders ever did and opt to eliminate humanity.

So they poured resources into settling into planets which were obviously the homeworlds (or related to) the Heretic and started developing their little biological weapons of destruction.
  • The Engineer Diaspora: 

From what we've known so far, the Engineers both posses the technology and the means to eliminate our blashemous little species off the face of the cosmos. The fact that we irked them with our very presence since the birth of our civilisations means that failure to carry out this mission would not go unnoticed.

Because let's face it: when you want a motherfucker dead and your hitman doesn't bother calling you after a few days, you get antsy.

The fact that the station was left unattended could only mean one thing: the Hierarchy was not there to check up on it. In fact there were no ships, no investigators, no long range communications toward it to contact the crews. Hell, there wasn't even anyone gasping in horror back in the Homeworld as he heard his brethren scream and pray to their God for salvation as the xenomorphs ate them alive.

This can only mean that the rest of the Engineers are dead. Or at the very least, scattered across the heavens after some great disaster. What was it that killed them off? Perhaps some random cosmic occurence or scientific experiment gone wrong. Hell, it could be anything! The point is that Homeworld isn't there anymore and if it is, it's got much greater problems on its plate than the annihilation of a bunch of Earth Monkeys.

This leads to the conlusion that...

  •  David was wrong:

Before speaking to the surviving Engineer, David said that the Engineers sought to destroy in order to retry thei failed humanity experiment.

David was obivously wrong. Apparently he jumped to an enlightened conclusion, where he equated humanity with his current robotic status and considered that the Engineers were dissatisfied with the trial run of 'Servitors 1.0' and sought to destroy humanity in order to try again.

Much like humans are wont to do with robots.

Being a robot (and not very religious), David said something he considered was tru according to his viewpoint. Is that a bad thing? No. Just because he's a robot doesn't mean he's omniscient.

Was that bad in the context of the movie? Yes. Because the creative team did not clarify that he was wrong and this was obviously sequel fodder.

Oh and one more thing...

  • The cave paintings were preprogrammed messages left by the Heretic:

According to my theory, we were created by a mad Engineer cultist, who sought to create life in his own image in defiance of Engineer religion. 

How do I know they were religious and obsessed with their faith? Well, how about using that huge-ass statue of an ENGINEER as reference? In many ways, they are like us, only locked in some strange fanaticism, despite their myriad advancements. Obviously, they were looking to train their biological weapons of war into worshipping the same God as they did, thinking that would give them an obvious advantage.

But how did the Heretic manage to send his message to the humans that were crated by his DNA? Well at this point I'll have to stretch my credibility, but what is he imprinted the cave paintings and 'deirections' as a meme in his genes? 

What if the Heretic actually infused himself with this information, hoping against hope that when his creations were advanced enough they would follow the signs and head toward the star cluster he had pointed out?

Why the star cluster? Because it was his birthplace, of course! It was the place where mankind's God (according to the movie) was born and the place he considered to be perfect for his purposes. From what we know, it was far removed from the Hierarchy's grasp (at least according to the available technology of his time) and would allow his creations to both reach it and prosper, meeting his then enlightened bretheren who would have grown past their extremist beliefs and accept them.

Did things get shot to shit? Yes, yes they did.

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