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Hello, my name is Konstantine Paradias and I possess over 7 years of experience with Content Writing and Editing. My work has appeared in a number of international websites and magazines, from SFWA-approved publications to nerd culture blogs.

I was a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association during 2015 and worked on a number of short stories, novels and screenplays across a wide spectrum of genres. From Made in DNA's sleazy DRM Sex Fiction Pack to Don Noble's strange post-apocalyptic novella Trailer Trash Samurai to Vidar Edland's gritty fantasy epic 3.5 Murders in Freeport, I helped each author streamline their work and hone in on their own personalized style.

While I was at it, I also helped author Damien Knoll with his science fiction short stories, specifically the cyberpunk short "I Remember, You Remember, She Remembers" which later made the Bridport Prize's 2016 shortlist. Other published works I have worked on include Glynn Owen Barass' and Ron Shipley's Arkham Nights-Tales Of Mythos Noir anthology, the Moments Lost story collection published by Analog Sweden and the Chtulhu Detective charity anthology.

My years of experience have taught me two things: the importance of a quick turnaround and how to keep a clear line of communication with each author I have worked with. It's real simple: you send me your manuscript and we discuss a clearly defined, strict deadline. Then, we go over the glossaries, setting details and any specific requests that you might have on the edits. After the work is delivered, I will be there, on call, until your story gets that spit-shine polish you need before you finally hit 'Submit'.


My current rate for short stories is set at 20 dollars per 1000 words.

For novellas, novels and longer form work, it's 10 dollars per 1000 words.

For screenplays, the rate is 3 dollars per page.

Turnaround times:

For works up to 5 thousand words, the edited document can be delivered within 24 hours.

For works up to 10 thousand words, the edited document can be delivered within 3 days.

For books up to 60 thousand words, the turnaround time is roughly two weeks.

Have any further questions or just want to talk?
Then send me a line at kosparadias@gmail.com

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