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Why Haven't You read This? Part 4-I Can't do this Rhyming Shit Anymore

First Google result when you type ‘read’ that’s not a stock photo. The internet IS marvelous.

Why Haven’t You Read This? Part 4-Can’t do this rhyming shit anymore

Moving on to cheap entertainment alternatives on the Internet that aren’t cat videos (and are in fact, more than competent works of fiction), here’s the 4th installment to cheap, awesome stuff you can find online for free!

But before we move on, a quick nod to fellow scifi nerd and reviewer, Rusty Keele, who has done me the huge favor of letting me do short science fiction story reviews on his website, Bestsciencefictionstories.com. By the time you’re reading this, Rusty, it will be the 1-year anniversary of our collaboration! I’d buy you dinner, dude, but since we’re both at either ends of the planet, here’s a cool robot that’s flying above the Earth!

There’s a lady riding on top of it, but you’re the pilot!

With that out of the way, here’s…


Drabblecast’s Trifecta XXV-Long Pig Special

Because pork is too mainstream…

There are two things that always scared me, ever since I was a wee little tyke: the first one, was dying alone inside a dark place, waiting for help that would never come. The other was being eaten alive.

I’ve had lots and lots of nightmares that led me to read extensively on the matter and I have grown fond (though no less terrified) by it. This podcast is aimed exclusively at promoting this personal horror of mine, because fuck you if I have to carry this bundle of terror on my own two shoulders.

How to Catch a Vampire By S. Kay Smith

 No love for you, sucker.

I have mentioned, time and time again, how I have no particular fondness for vampire fiction and its lore in general. I have also gone to great lengths to avoid any and all examples of glorifying those fucking leeches and love to give them hell.

To be honest, I wasn’t originally expecting How to Catch a Vampire to be this damn good. It’s new, it’s funny, it’s exciting, but above all, it’s the kind of vampire fiction that we need more of!


The Mud Girl by Michael John Grist

You have no idea how hard it is to find a ‘mud girl’ image that isn’t porn…

The Mud Girl is one of those depressing, well-crafted but sweet stories that you sometimes stumble upon, during your treks through the Interwebs. Like a hot day after a storm, it clings to your brain and doesn’t let go until you’ve gone through all of it and then sat down to ponder. Then it leaves you alone, but nests in your brain, making sure you don’t forget.

The Door In Roanoke by Gretchen Tessmer

Well, that explains everything…

I sometimes find myself (foolishly) considering that I’ve grown the fantasy genre. Perhaps because I sometimes try to convince myself that I am too high-brow for it. Thankfully, every now and then, writers like Gretchen come along and slap me in the face, going: “Read this”

And thankfully, I listen to them.

Dear Cthulhu-a column by Patrick Thomas

After all these years, I finally found somebody to talk to!

Mister Thomas,

I hope you are reading this, perhaps after stumbling to my website while searching for porn (according to the top 10 search tags that Google informs me people use to stumble into my site).

If you are, then please know that your column is absurdly funny and that I am tipping my hat to you, sir. I am also witing for the advent of Portal technology with baited breath, that we may have enough beers for our nerd-date to turn into a barroom brawl.

Saying Goodbye by Christopher Munroe

Nobody’s good with goodbyes, man…

Dunesteef podcast. The one podcast with pretty much the funniest intro sequence I have heard since…well, forever. The guys over there know what they’re doing, this I can guarantee and they’re having a ton of fun doing it.

It’s strange, how I keep presenting them as outrageously funny and lighthearted, when the story I am featuring is about a man desperately trying to contact his wife posthumously.


Rice Boy By Evan Dahm

Weirdness, the good kind.

Remember how impossibly lame movies try to sell these super-weird, near-nonsensical and endearing ideas that haunt adults as children’s doodles? Like when you see a kid in a movie being all quirky and having a sketchbook filled with the Adventures of Doctor Moonface McGee and his trusty sidekick, the Last Dog of Mars and you just KNOW that this was written in by some 25-year-old who’s too much of a pussy to admit this has been his lifelong dream?

Well, Evan Dahm isn’t a pussy, no sir! Artist’s got balls and he brings you unbridled, uncontained weirdness, right here, right now!

Twilight Monk by Trent Kaniuga

Why hasn’t this been picked up by every publisher already?

Twilight Monk…um…it’s uh…well the art style’s gorgeous but it’s also…it’s reminiscent of manga aesthetic, but it also…well it doesn’t suck and…

Goddamn, I can’t really find a way to express myself and explain how awesome Twilight Monk is without giving everything away! Just…Just go read it!

No-One Has To Die by StuStu The Bloo

Let’s see how you like playing God, asshole!

I don’t normally like playing flash games. Oh sure, I do like the occasional fiddling around every now and then, but I don’t really, actually invest time in them. Mostly because most of them are mediocre toss games or shitty defenses.

But once in a few hundred, I’ll stumble into something like this: No-One Has To Die is interactive fiction at its finest. It’s a bare-bones puzzle game, with an impossibly interesting plot, brought to you in the simplest graphic interface this side of Ultima 0!

And you know what the best part is? You can finish it in 2 hours, tops! 

The Entire Run of Omni Magazine-FOR FREE!

The literary magazine equivalent of the goddamn Ark of the Covenant

 In the entire history of science fiction as a genre, few magazines have had as much of an impact or a powerful and unique enough presence as OMNI. Back when I was a kid, an uncle of mine would hoard the issues like each page was made out of pure gold leaf and he would cherish each one, never letting my stubby, clumsy little fingers all over them, unless I was under his constant supervision.

By the time I was old enough to comprehend English literature, OMNI had gone out of print and ceased its publication. I choked back my tears, kept my chin up and went 'Guess I'll have to live without it'.

And then i find out that the entire run has been uploaded online for free. After I was done shitting my pants with joy, I uploaded the link for your own enjoyment:


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